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Mike and Darcy Sjomeling
(Celebrating Halloween at Fall Harvest Orchard)


We cannot begin to tell you how much we love Fall Harvest Orchard and enjoy the wonderful people we meet each apple picking season.  Thank you to everyone who has helped make this a special place.  We hope your visit here will create some wonderful memories and family traditions. See you this fall!

          - Mike and Darcy Sjomeling

A Brief History   

The Curt and Helen Peterson Family moved to Fall Harvest Orchard in 1976.  They started with a roadside stand and gradually added attractions, including a wagon ride and our lovable farm animals.

Mike and Darcy Sjomeling and their three boys purchased Fall Harvst Orchard in 2015.  As frequent visitors to the orchard, they believed Curt and Helen built a special place and wanted to carry on the tradition. 

Today, Fall Harvest Orchard is one of the largest Minnesota fall festivals!  It is consistantly rated on the best apple orchards in Minnesota and has been voted best of Delano area for 3 years.  We are honored and humbled by all your support.

Curt and Helen Peterson
Mike and Darcy Sjomeling and boys
Some of our many wonderful employees  
past and present 
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